IT security: ESET launches Chrome Cleanup

ESET, one of the world’s leading cyber security leaders, launches Chrome Cleanup, a new scanner and cleaning program for Google Chrome, designed to help users navigate the Internet safely and without interruptions. Chrome cleaning will be available to all Google Chrome users running on Windows.
As cyber attacks become more and more complex and harder to observe, surfing the internet can lead users to dangerous sites that can install malicious programs on devices.
Chrome Cleanup will alert Google Chrome users to potential threats when detecting unwanted software. Google Chrome will then give users the option to remove the software. Chrome cleaning runs in the background, without visibility or user interruptions. It removes the software and notifies the user after completing the successful removal of unwanted malicious sequences.
“Using the Internet should always be an easy and secure experience for everyone,” said Juraj Malcho, Chief Technology Officer at ESET. “For three decades, ESET has developed a range of security solutions that enable users to enjoy the security of technology and mitigate a variety of cyber threats on the Internet.”
Chrome cleaning is included in the latest version of Google Chrome. For more information on these tools, read the article made by Google.