IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing overview

The IT outsourcing services we provide include: technical assistance, maintenance and administration for the entire IT infrastructure, from workstations and peripherals, to servers and enterprise storage devices.

Outsourcing advantages

Efficient IT infrastructure

Guaranteed intervention time

Trained IT engineers and technicians

High-level IT know-how

Low IT costs

Record traceability for the IT department

Help desk and IT management interface

Real-time statistics and analysis

Secure company data and information

For optimal organization, we have divided our tasks to four distinctive roles: Help Desk, Service Desk, Information Management and IT Solutions.

Incident Management is based on clearly defined procedures


Our vision of IT outsourcing services

The role of Help Desk is to minimize the number of on-site interventions using quick and effective means and to perform the following tasks: receiving calls, triggering interventions, conducting first level diagnosis, level 1 assistance, remote incident solving via telephone using the Knowledge-base and reporting.

Support Desk is assigned the following activity areas: taking up incidents that were not solved by Help Desk, providing level 2 diagnosis and assistance, solving remote and on-site incidents, closing the incident and updating the database, informing the relevant IT personnel on the changes that were made.

The role of Information Management is to maintain a functional IT environment, adapted to the business needs. This includes: preventive visits, establishing and tracking performance indicators, examining the activity of Help Desk and Service Desk, file tracking, evaluating potential risks, making recommendations and actions, providing advice for equipment purchasing, managing backups, managing data and configurations, managing the equipment park and licenses.

In other words, the IT solutions team pairs the best technology and equipment with experience and know-how in order to offer the best ways to optimize your business processes.

A specialized tool for IT outsourcing

For a good tracking of interventions and accurate management of the information package, HQ uses its own support and infrastructure management application. Below we outline some of the advantages of this support tool:

  • It is permanently accessible to both our team and our partners;
  • Allows real time tracking of ongoing interventions;
  • Offers the possibility of sending a fast intervention request through an easy to fill form;
  • Allows the user to know the technician assigned for an intervention and follow its development;
  • Generates reports, statistics and exports;
  • Provides an easy management of the equipment administration..

Our packages for IT outsourcing services

We divided our outsourcing services into four packages, according to the criticality of each piece of equipment. Thus, we offer exactly the services you need for each equipment and react quickly to your requests.  

Hardware maintenance and service
Software maintenance and administration
Web hosting, cloud and email
On-site interventions
Remote interventions
Technical support by phone
IT management and consultancy
Audit and initial organizing intervention
Online Help Desk tool access
Guaranteed response time
Preventive visits included
On-site intervention travel cost *1
Intervention labor cost *1
Acquisitions discount
Toner refill discount
Preventive maintenance
Single point of contact *2
Secure Cloud Backup
Replacement Equipment
Spare Parts
Specific Software Maintenance
Non-Stop IT Support
1 per semester
5 €
15 €/hour
1 quarterly
5 €
15 €/hour
*1 Prices do not include VAT; *2 Single point of contact – Maintaining relationship with other Service providers (Internet, telephony, specific software etc.) and IT suppliers.

* working hours
included service
service not included
optional service


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