Acronis Backup and Recovery

Protecting all your data, all the time

Protecting your data and maximizing uptime in your business requires a solution that delivers speed, reliability, simplicity and cost savings.

Whatever the size of your business, Acronis® Backup & Recovery™ gives you the competitive edge you need to protect your data and systems wherever they are located. Our solutions address disaster recovery and data protection needs across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Whether you need a simple and lightweight solution for local servers or workstations, or advanced capabilities with centralized management across your organization, Acronis Backup & Recovery solutions offer you a perfect fit.

  • Backup and Recovery for Small Businesses and Individual Machines;
  • Backup and Recovery for Medium and Large Businesses;
  • Online Backup and Recovery.

As a result of customer requests and our strategy towards virtual, cloud and unification,  Acronis® Backup & Recovery  offers an outstanding range of new features, as well as hundreds of useful enhancements.

A long-time innovator of ultra-intuitive solutions, Acronis has always helped businesses cut training and management costs while reducing human error. Acronis Backup & Recovery has incorporated results from usability studies as well as feedback from the field to make backup and recovery management more natural than ever before..

Disaster Recovery and Data Protection in one unified solution

  • Catalog and  search capabilities;
  • The unified platform dovetails seamlessly with Acronis’ granular application recovery modules such as for Microsoft® Exchange Server1 and Microsoft® SQL Server™ 1;
  • Integrated tape management.

Improve core-disaster recovery

  • Acronis® Universal Restore® for Linux;
  • Universal Restore bootability;
  • Backup and recovery of systems that use UEFI/GPT;
  • Full support for new disk with 4K sectors and SSD;
  • Backup and recovery of Linux systems that use LVM;
  • Take advantage of hardware built-in snapshot to offload processing from production servers.

Reduce long-term storage costs with staging, and add redundancy with multi-destination

  • Move old backups to tape (D2D2T) or to less expensive disk (D2D2D);
  • Store multiple backups locally and remotely on disk and in the cloud;
  • Back up to the cloud directly (D2C) or indirectly (D2D2C1);
  • Improved deduplication performance, capacity and scalability offers you even greater savings.

Improve support for the virtualized environment

  • Simultaneous backup;
  • Windows agent for ESX(i);
  • Load balancing between ESX(i);
  • Hyper-V clusters and CSV;
  • Improved Instant Restore .

Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Automatically generated each time a backup completes, containing step-by-step instructions in case an IT administrator is not available.


  • Improve RTO (Recovery Time Objective);
  • Benefit from a proven solution;
  • Improve reliability with off-site storage;
  • Simplify all your backup and recovery operations;
  • Save costs by getting much more in one;
  • More management options.

The Acronis® Unified Platform

Acronis® Backup & Recovery™ iis built on a unified platform that supports backup and recovery at both the file and system levels, as well as data protection for physical, virtual and cloud environments. It also supports various backup media, including disk, tape and cloud targets for off-site replication.

This fully integrated platform offers a range of modules that protect business data and applications with unprecedented ease-of-use. The common code base allows the modules to work together seamlessly or operate standalone, depending on your particular needs.

One solution performs a single-pass backup all at once for all your files, folders, applications and operating systems. You benefit from intuitive, easy-to-implement technology that reduces your IT operating and maintenance costs.

Key Features

Full system recovery

Best-of-breed disk imaging and bare-metal restore technologies allow you to recover your entire system quickly without having to reinstall the operating system and applications.

Integrated data protection

Integrated data protection gives you a data-centric view for granular access to specific data within backups. As a result, you get the benefits of data and system bare-metal recovery in one product with a single-pass backup.

Acronis offers you integrated support for applications such as Microsoft®Exchange Server or Microsoft® SQL Server®. Thanks to deep catalog capabilities, easily browse, search and restore different versions of individual files or emails even from image backups – across all locations, whether local, remote or tape.

Virtual environment support

High-speed, simultaneous, agent-less image-based backups and recoveries for virtual machines are managed from the same console and with the same instruments as physical machines. One Virtual Edition license gives you backup and recovery of an unlimited number of virtual machines on a host, plus V2P and P2V migrations.

Backup and recovery to cloud storage

With Acronis® Backup & Recovery™ Online, offers your business total protection from theft and natural disaster without a need to buy expensive hardware. It’s fully integrated, works together and is managed from the same console as Acronis Backup & Recovery.

One unified solution

All-in-one powerful solution: you can benefit from image-based system recovery for physical and virtual environments, backup for files and applications, search and catalog, as well as disk, tape and cloud- storage options.

In addition, Acronis solutions support workstations and servers, Windows® or Linux, physical and virtual machines running on VMware®vSphere/ESX/ESXi, Microsoft® Hyper-V™, Citrix® XenServer®, Red Hat® Enterprise Virtualization as well as Parallels® Server 4 Bare Metal.

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