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HQ Solutions

Why start a partnership with HQ?

We are well organized

  • We work with well-defined procedures;
  • We use a specialized management program for interventions and equipment.

we are very efficient

  • Prevention of incidents through proactive management;
  • Fast interventions guaranteed by contract;
  • Solving the core issues and not just the resulting effects.

We are well prepared

  • Our vast experience recommends us;
  • We have attested training and certifications;
  • We continuously invest in training.

What are people saying?

  • “Since 2008, when we started working together, the HQ team has demonstrated professionalism and customer orientation, and has always answered promptly and earnestly to requests from our company, across all projects undertaken.”
  • "On absolutely every occasion, the HQ team demonstrated professionalism and promptness when meeting our requests. We sincerely recommend a partnership with HQ for their reliability, punctuality and customer orientation and we are confident that such a choice will prove that our partner is able to demonstrate their skills and devotion to its associates and bring its contribution to the development of their business.”
  • "From the beginning of our collaboration with the HQ team, we have noticed a substantial improvement of the IT-related requests solving time and of our equipment functionality. The HQ team has responded promptly to requests from our subsidiary in Bucharest and from those across the country, finding the best solutions to the situations we faced. We strongly recommend working with them to support your business growth!"


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