What is a videoconference?

A videoconference or videoteleconference uses an infrastructure based on audio and video technology in order to bring people from different locations together for meetings.

A videoconference may be a point-to-point conversation, between two people from different offices or may involve several sites (multi-point), with several participants. The basic technology used in a videoconference system is the HD digital compression and the audio–video streams in real time.

Why a videoconference?

Sometimes it can be impossible to have a face-to-face meeting with many customers or business partners placed in different locations. Eliminating the distance between locations is easy with a videoconference that facilitates simultaneous audio-video interaction.

Besides the audio and visual transmission of meetings, videoconferences can be used to share documents, presentations (on-screen) and whiteboards through dedicated devices.

Advantages of using a videoconference solution:

  • Accelerating the decision-making process;
  • Stimulating brainstorming, knowledge sharing and information gathering;
  • Providing high quality presentations to key-members of an organization organization or approaching new customers in a professional manner, regardless of their location.

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