About us

HQ was founded in 2004, and ever since, the company is proud of its continuous success and its experienced team of IT specialists. Our mission is to provide high quality IT services, based on an effective quality-price ratio and to develop customized IT solutions for optimizing our partners’ business processes.

Our multidisciplinary team of technicians and engineers, covering a wide variety of IT qualifications is able to conduct a thorough analysis of present and future circumstances in order to provide efficient IT consulting, infrastructure design, IT infrastructure implementation, IT park management and IT support.

We work with a wide range of equipment manufacturers and software developers to guarantee an expertise independent of a certain brand, and to ensure the most appropriate optimization solutions.

Our goal is to make certain that we nurture a strategic partnership with our associates that provides a competitive advantage, regardless of particularities of their working domain. To achieve this, we use leading-edge technology and our vast experience and provide efficient, sustainable and scalable platforms that can adapt to every partner’s business model.

In other words, the purpose of our team is to maintain a secure informational framework, with continuous availability and a high performance level and to support the continuous development of your business.

Our portfolio of services includes, but is not limited, to: