IT Solutions

HQ vision of IT Solutions

IT solutions are our strength and therefore define our field of business. Currently searching innovative solutions in business is a must and working with us will help you integrate the newest information technologies in a creative, reliable and effortless way. Nowadays, an operational time-management needs integrated solutions, advanced equipment, technical support provided by specialists, promptness and accuracy to support the high speed of any successful project development.

HQoffers a complete range of solutions based on knowledge and experience, managed with professionalism and responsibility. To develop profitable solutions and tailored business processes with our employees, the HQ consultants, in collaboration with specialists in each field of activity, go through the following steps:


HQ solutions are based on the knowledge and experience of our team members and partners, and on productive and reliable equipment (Dell, IBM, HP, Cisco, EMC, Fujitsu, Intel, Super Micro, and so on), famous software developers and well-defined project management procedures to help in:

  • Tracking business processes;
  • Ensuring data security and integrity;
  • Optimizing interdepartmental communication;
  • Increasing efficiency of human resources;
  • Managing customer relationships;
  • Managing and archiving documents in digital format;
  • Developing Internet businesses;
  • Centralizing monitoring of various operational locations.

Among other things, our IT solutions portfolio includes:


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