IT Management

IT management overview

After implementation, each IT solution needs professional IT management in order to maintain its role of supporting the company’s core activities.

Whether you have a Linux or Windows server, a messaging solution, a Directory Service or a database server, the HQ team can offer you IT administration services based on well-defined procedures, to ensure the proper working of equipment and applications.

We provide prompt and professional IT management to support partner companies in business development.

Having extensive IT experience and knowledge, our engineers and technicians hold leading certifications from the best hardware and software manufacturers, guaranteeing the quality of our management services.

Our IT management competencies include:

  • Web Server (Apache, Microsoft IIS);
  • Database Server (MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, Postgres SQL);
  • FTP Server (PRO Ftp, Vsft);
  • Mail Server (Postfix, Sendmail, Qmail, EXIM, Microsoft Exchange);
  • Terminal Server (Citrix, MS Terminal Server, VMWare);
  • Backup Applications (Symantec, Acronis, Altiris, Veritas);
  • Clustering and Disaster Recovery Solutions;
  • Directory Services (MS Active Directory, Red Hat Directory Service);
  • Networking Equipment (Cisco, Linksys, Dell, Allied Telesis);
  • Storage equipment and Server Hardware (Dell, EMC, HP, IBM, Fujitsu-Siemens);
  • ERP and CRM Applications;
  • WEB sites and applications.

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