IT Services

IT services: presentation

HQ IT services were created to provide quality IT information in a dynamic business environment. Both our national and international experience have allowed us to understand a company’s necessity of having a functional IT infrastructure, tailored to its needs.

HQ adds value to the latest innovations through professionalism and experience in developing viable projects for its partners.

HQ’s mission is tied to the global trend of outsourcing the support departments for a company’s main activities. IT outsourcing implies the optimization of internal operational processes, the increase of competitiveness by freeing human and financial resources and a productivity unaltered by any interruption of the information flow.

The role of HQ team is to provide expertise, advice, selection and implementation of customized solutions and maintain a framework of information at a high level of functionality, accessibility and performance.

With us, you will have a number of advantages such as focus on core business by optimizing work, access to the expertise of professionals, cost reduction and control, financial and human resources cleanup and increasing general productivity.

Our IT services portofolio includes:

  • Analysis, audit, research, IT consulting, project management;
  • System management, computer networks and system migration;
  • Technical assistance, maintenance, information management and computer network administration;
  • Installation and configuration of Windows Server  and Linux workstations;
  • Implementation and management of storage solutions such as SAN, DAS, NAS;
  • Hardware and software security: VPN, firewall, antivirus, anti spam;
  • Configuration backup solutions and redundancy;
  • Knowledge and skill transfer;
  • Administration of active and passive network equipment;
  • Professional solutions designed for electronic messaging;
  • Virtualization of servers and computer components;
  • Planning and implementing High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions;
  • Designing and improving spaces dedicated to storage servers and other devices;
  • Implementation of video monitoring solutions;
  • Custom software applications;
  • Development of professional websites and search engine optimization (SEO);
  • Implementation and customization of ERP and CRM applications.

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