Technical Support

Our Technical Assistance Service offers details for every call received, starting with incident reporting and all the way to the successful repair and implementation.

Technical Assistance begins when Help Desk receives a call. A call management ticket is assigned to each technical incident through the Support HQ application, followed firstly by an attempt to solve the request using the Knowledge Base.

If the incident is not closed by our Help Desk operators, the call is managed by a Service Desk technician in order to solve the incident remotely through a VPN secured connection or on-site.

Each solution implemented during the intervention is entered in our database (Knowledge Base) in order to help us solve future incidents at Help Desk level and optimize the Technical Assistance process

During the existence of a Technical Assistance ticket, users can observe each step of the process through a dedicated account for the company. In other words, the Intervention Time (MTT Respond), the Resolving Time (MTT Respond), the assigned technician, as well as the methods and procedures used to solve the incident can be traced.

The Support HQ application can also generate reports and statistics on the status of equipment, consumables, warranty periods, inventory of equipment and related software licenses.

Technical Support Help Desk

Objective: minimizing the number of field interventions by finding fast and efficient solutions.


  • Receiving calls;
  • Triggering interventions;
  • First level diagnosis;
  • First level support;
  • Solving the incident by phone with the help of the Knowledge Database;
  • Reporting.

Technical Support Service Desk

Objective: Solving level 2 incidents with high efficiency remotely or on-site.


  • Managing incidents unsolved by Help Desk;
  • Level 2 diagnosis and support;
  • Solving incidents remotely and on field;
  • Closing incidents and updating the Knowledge Database;
  • Notifying the IT Management Department about stock modifications.

IT Management

Objective: maintaining a functional IT environment and adapting to business needs.


  • Preventive visits;
  • Establishing and tracking performance indicators;
  • Checking Help Desk and Service Desk activities;
  • Tracking sheets, analyzing risks, making recommendations and taking measures;
  • Providing advice on the purchasing of new equipment;;
  • Managing backup issues;
  • Managing data and configurations;
  • Managing equipment and licenses.

Technical assistance application


  • Online access 24/7;
  • Secured and customized company account;
  • Real-time tracking of ongoing interventions;
  • Available to all customers with silver, gold or platinum subscriptions;
  • Ability to create online intervention requests;
  • Knowing the assigned technician;
  • Possibility of renewing intervention requests;
  • Generating history sheets, reports, statistics and exports;
  • Tracking the IT infrastructure evolution.

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