IT Security: Jigsaw ransomware wants to play a game with you


Ransomware was already a fearsome prospect, then one appeared recently that scrambles your hard drive’s MBR. Now, there is another variant that wants to play a game with you. Clearly inspired by the Saw films and the inescapable situations the victims found themselves in, Jigsaw ransomware is now a serious threat. The ransom note screen even includes the familiar, macabre face of Billy.
After Jigsaw encrypts your files, it will give you 24 hours to figure out how to purchase $150 worth of Bitcoin and send it to a specified address. Other ransomware strains have tried to coerce victims into paying up by raising the ransom amount more and more as time passes. Jigsaw takes a different approach: it starts deleting your files.
You are also warned: if you “try anything funny”, Jigsaw’s safety measures will delete all your files. Reboot, and Jigsaw will delete 1,000 files. For every hour you wait, Jigsaw will delete some files. Wait too long to pay up — longer than 72 hours — and Jigsaw will delete all your files. It is a terrible situation for anyone, especially if there are no good backups to restore.
The helpful users at Bleeping Computer have some good news, though. They have already figured out how to undo the damage from a Jigsaw infection, and they have released a free tool that can decrypt your files. Follow their instructions closely, and you will be able to restore all your files.
Once the files are back, backing up your data would be a good choice maybe considering some additional security, like the anti-ransomware apps.

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